The average American has $6,864 in credit card debt... CRUSHING...

When you look at that number and consider about 1 in 5 Americans don’t even have a credit card, that means the average among people WITH credit cards is MUCH HIGHER!

Almost every day, I’m consistently seeing clients who have WELL over $10,000 in credit card debt telling my team and I that they have no extra money to pay down their credit cards and are barely able to make the minimum payment or WORSE skipping payments all together pushing them further in the hole. This often results in late payments reporting, late fees causing them to go further in debt, getting their limits lowered or even having their cards CLOSED all together!

Now more than ever American’s are spending more and drowning in debt with wages not keeping up with inflation, crippling the American dream of homeownership due to not being able to survive without increasing their debt.

It’s hard to NOT tie your self-worth to your finances when you’re in a rough spot and for a lot of Americans, their cost of living has gone up more than their pay. This can make the idea of home ownership seem out of reach, but don’t worry! We have the perfect solution for you!

You are worth more than your credit rating, and there IS a way out of credit card debt. UQUAL will help create a custom plan tailored to your specific debt to help you achieve your financial goals quicker!

UQUAL has a suite of financial tools to help you cut back on your spending, prepare more savings for a down payment, and create a custom budget based on your spending habits. Our team of Loan Readiness Experts are ready to walk you through any debt reduction strategies that may help.

Don’t wait. Don’t keep falling into the hole, take action and let us help you make a plan to get out of it.

It all starts with a FREE conversation today!

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  • Shannon VardisShannon Vardis

    Working with Donovan and his team at UQUAL has been an absolute game-changer for our customers and our business. Their expertise and dedication to improving credit scores have helped countless individuals achieve their financial goals. Their personalized approach and commitment to transparency set them apart in the industry. We've seen remarkable results, with clients seeing significant improvements in their credit scores in a relatively short time. Their team is professional, responsive, and genuinely cares about the success of their clients. Partnering with UQUAL has been one of the best decisions we've made, and we highly recommend their services to anyone looking to rebuild their credit. Five stars all the way!

  • Iris Di CesareIris Di Cesare

    I was referred to Ashli by a colleague that had used her before and stated that she would be a great resource for my client looking to work on their credit. Throughout the process she was great about consistently communicating with both me and my client and making sure we were all on the same page. She’s also very friendly and made my client feel very comfortable when discussing credit/finances, which can be at times very uncomfortable. Me and my client were especially impressed that they also offer a variety of tools like budgeting and identity monitoring to help get clients “Loan Ready”. They are truly well rounded in what they offer and I'm excited to continue my relationship with them.

  • Rox BartoloRox Bartolo

    Donovan and his team are amazing at what they do! They're quick and efficient! I have referred over a number of clients for a couple years and they have always been so great at getting them on track for the road to homeownership! We've had some really great results for our mutual clients, and I hope to continue helping many more together! I definitely recommend them! 🙂

  • Jesse OropezaJesse Oropeza

    UQUAL is an amazing company. They definitely are not like other credit service companies that I have met and come across. They do more than just fix credit, they get you home loan ready. I can verify as a lender that I have seen their results and it's real. Ashli Griswold has personally been great working with me and my clients. She is amazing with follow ups and staying on top of it with updates. She is real, transparent and overall amazing at her job! Would recommend UQUAL to anyone looking for assistance with their credit and learning how to qualify for the homebuying process.

  • FireFire

    Brian is the best! He is so cool, calm, collected and accurate. He explains everything so well within a short period of time! He is so sharp! I love working with him. His voice is so calm and soothing and he makes you feel like everything is going to be okay as long as you continue to work with him. This company has gotten a great deal of work done for me! I love this company!

Published 04/02/2024