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  • Diane LewisDiane Lewis

    I spoke with Desiree Dallas today upon calling to cancel my service and needless to say I did not cancel my service. She was amazing! She pointed out a few things, gave me some great info and tips. She seemed to really care about my situation and actually made me feel a lot better than I initially did. Desiree did not appear rushed or upset about me canceling my service, but rather went over what was going on with my credit, my account, and where I stood present day so that even after canceling I’d have a few tools to take with me. I really appreciate the warm approach and treating me like a person. I’m glad I did not cancel today, she even offered some discounts and changed a few things around for me. I feel so much better having connected with her today. Thanks Desiree… you’re awesome!!!

  • R RyanR Ryan

    The people I talked to here are good. But I had a great experience working with Desiree Dallas. She gives you the facts straight, what you need to do, and gets you going. She also very upfront, open, and understanding of your situation and truly does have your best interest to heart. She genuinely cares to get you a better financial situation and I have really seen great improvements to my credit and debt management thanks to her.

    This is not a bad place to start if you need help getting your credit repaired and getting help managing how you should keep your debts down or how much to spend say if you ever want to get a house, refinance, buy a car, or any loaning needs that will rely on your score. I don't know about other companies. or how they do credit repairs, but this one is legit and really was able to improve my scores and help me dispute things as well.

    I didn't think it would be possible to get items off my report and to see my credit dramatically increased due to bad decisions I made in the past. The whole credit system and how they play these games with points is messed up and quite mind blowing. But people like Desiree and the team was here to help guide us and become more conscious and knowledgeable and willing to help you out. It will take time for sure, but you'll get results if you stick with what they say and do.

  • simona thomassimona thomas

    It was a pleasure speaking to my loan readiness. Coach Jasmine, she was so knowledgeable, understandable patient. And she was able to address all my concerns today. I will give Jasmine more than 5 stars because.
    Of her willingness to help me. And very patient, God bless.
    And thank you very much

  • Shannon VardisShannon Vardis

    Working with Donovan and his team at UQUAL has been an absolute game-changer for our customers and our business. Their expertise and dedication to improving credit scores have helped countless individuals achieve their financial goals. Their personalized approach and commitment to transparency set them apart in the industry. We've seen remarkable results, with clients seeing significant improvements in their credit scores in a relatively short time. Their team is professional, responsive, and genuinely cares about the success of their clients. Partnering with UQUAL has been one of the best decisions we've made, and we highly recommend their services to anyone looking to rebuild their credit. Five stars all the way!

  • Justice SmithJustice Smith

    Rachel is amazing. This company has been able to remove 18 things off my credit report that was negatively affecting me within 3 months. I wanted to understand the process more, just to ensure I’m getting my money worth and I called and spoke to Rachel, she was very knowledgeable and gave me great advice on the process, and how length of history works on credit, etc. very down to earth and pleasant voice. I will be discussing my case with her from now on. Thanks so much Rachel.