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Transform applicants into ready-to-purchase borrowers while boosting enterprise reputation and profitability.

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Harness every opportunity in today’s market and create unrivaled distinction – You’re one decision away!

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Don’t let stalled applicants end their journey with you. Filter out prospects you can’t get closed and send them to us.
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With fintech platform and expert guidance, we’ll get your candidates ready to qualify for the loan they deserve.

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Once ready, we’ll send them back to you — confident, prepared, verified and primed to close the deal!

How Uqual Helps Enterprises

Old Way

Traditional lending processes

Leaky pipeline with lost opportunities and missed profits.

Uqual Way

Conversion virtuous cycle

Increased loan origination and deals for higher profitability.

Building better pipelines start here.

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Boost your closing rate

Get the most out of every customer with a fintech platform powered by people who know the system.

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Expand your offer ecosystem

More qualified customers mean more opportunities for growth.

Transparent Reporting

Access ongoing performance
metrics as your borrowers
progress through their journey
while gaining valuable insights.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate our
platform with your existing
systems and begin converting
more of your applicants into
closed loans.

Focus on growth; we handle security and compliance

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Don't lose another applicant. Partner with

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